Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors

Register at https://www.weddingmate.my/.  Just click on the top menu Login or Register button.

You can change these details by clicking on the “Profile” tab in your Dashboard, then scroll down until you see the email address section and change password. Change it to your new email or password.

You can edit/update your information by clicking on the “Dashboard” profile located on the top of your vendor page after you login. Please update both “Basic Info” and “Follow & Contact” sections.

There’s two way a notification you will get.

First, a email notification will be sent to your registered email.

Second, you can check the message box that located on top menu or you can click on your profile account -> dashboard -> message.

You can upload up to 5 photos for STARTER FREE plan. For SUBSCRIPTION plan, you can upload up to 30 photos or UNLIMITED photos with a higher plan. All photos uploaded will automatically resized by our system.

Yes, of course. You can upgrade your subscription plan to enjoy more features and benefits. Just go to your profile dashboard => listings => change plan. If you need help please contact us through live chat.

Yes, But you need to upgrade your starter plan to any of our subscription plan. It is affordable and the price start as low as RM1 a day.

First, the image that uploaded on our website is hosted by us. So, for security and steal data hotlinking, we need watermark it to our brand. Some internet user only will copy the url from the image and put it to their site. It will use our data bandwith that we pay monthly, but they not paid for it.

If you have any inquiry for this, please Live Chat with us or contact us on [email protected]