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Let’s start planning with the big picture. There’s obviously no exact time frame because everyone’s engagements are planned differently, but you can successfully plan a wedding in as little as a few months! Start by envisioning your wedding and determining your preferred theme. Come up with a budget, sit down and have a chat with your partner (and maybe your parents too). Finally, start planning on your initial guest list. Don’t forget to celebrate too.

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Let's WeddingMate Help You!

As a bride to be, we know there’s so many things you need to do. From the date of marriage untill the peparation all of this.

So, we at WeddingMate want to help you. Used our Artifical Intelligent Elyna. Elyna will help you find your wedding vendors with ease.

With 1 simple click, just click the floating Elyna picture at bottom right and follow the instruction. Good Luck!